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Is a bag training also a strength training?

Is a bag training also a strength training?

In the world of kickboxing and martial arts, bag training is a common and popular training method. Many people wonder whether bag training is also a form of strength training. In this blog we will take a closer look at the different aspects of bag training, and see whether it can actually be considered a form of strength training.

What is bag training?

Bag training is a form of training in which a punching bag is used as a tool to practice various techniques and combinations of kickboxing and other martial arts. During a bag training you can perform various punches, kicks, knees and elbows on the punching bag, without the need for a physical opponent. This training method is ideal for improving your techniques, increasing your speed and strength and improving your endurance.

Strength training and bag training

When many people think of strength training, they think of lifting heavy weights and doing resistance exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses. While these forms of strength training are certainly effective for building muscle mass and strength, it is important to realize that strength training involves much more than just lifting weights.

Strength training is a general term that refers to improving the strength of your muscles and bones. It can be achieved through various training methods including weight lifting, bodyweight exercises, resistance bands and also bag training.

Is bag training a form of strength training?

Yes, bag training can certainly be considered a form of strength training. During a bag training you use your body weight and strength to perform punches and kicks on the punching bag. This requires significant strength in your muscles and bones, especially in your arms, shoulders, legs and core.

In addition, bag training also helps increase your muscle endurance. Repeatedly punching and kicking the punching bag requires good muscular endurance, which is also an important aspect of strength training.

Benefits of bag training as strength training

Bag training offers numerous benefits as a form of strength training. First, it helps build muscle mass and strength in your upper and lower body. By regularly training on the punching bag, you may notice that your muscles become stronger and more defined.

Secondly, bag training also helps improve your overall body strength and functional strength. This means that you not only become stronger in the gym, but also in everyday life. Lifting shopping bags, moving furniture and other daily activities become easier as you build strength through bag training.

In addition, bag training also improves your endurance and cardiovascular fitness. By intensive punching and kicking on the punching bag, you increase your heart rate and burn calories, which helps improve your endurance and promote weight loss.

Finally, bag training helps improve your technique and coordination. Performing different combinations on the punching bag requires precision and coordination, which is important for both boxing matches and everyday activities.


Bag training is certainly a form of strength training. It helps build muscle mass, strength, endurance and coordination. In addition, bag training offers numerous other benefits, such as improving your technique, burning calories and promoting weight loss. If you are looking for an effective and versatile form of strength training, bag training is definitely a good choice.

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