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How can you best maintain boxing gloves and boxing bandages?

How can you best maintain boxing gloves and boxing bandages?

How can you best maintain your boxing gloves and bandages? Good maintenance is important for your boxing equipment. You want to continue to benefit from your boxing gloves or bandages for as long as possible. This is possible with the right care. But what should you do or not do if you want your boxing gloves and bandages to stay clean and fresh for a long time? With these tips you can provide your boxing gloves and boxing bandages with the best maintenance. And that's much easier than you might think.

Maintain boxing gloves properly

Maintaining the leather boxing gloves that you wear during your training is important. This prevents the material from cracking and you do not suffer from unpleasant odors caused by moisture and sweat. To prevent this, you should of course also wear boxing bandages. You can read more about how to care for your bandages in this article.

Maintain leather and artificial leather boxing gloves

Airing: never leave your artificial leather or leather boxing gloves in your bag when you have finished your (kick) boxing training. You need to air them out if you want to eliminate odors and keep the lining of your boxing gloves dry. Sweat and moisture also damage the stitching of the gloves. The chance of cracks then increases.

Drying: Make sure the opening of the boxing gloves is open when you let them dry after a workout. You can do something in between if necessary. Like a rolled up newspaper. In any case, make sure that air can flow through it.

Anti-bacterial spray: the warm and moist inside of boxing gloves is a perfect environment for the formation of bacteria. So spray the inside with an anti-bacterial spray. This way you keep your boxing gloves hygienically clean and fresh-smelling.

Grease: do you have leather boxing or bag gloves ? Then it is also important to grease them once a month with a nourishing leather oil. This keeps your gloves flexible and prevents cracks and tears in the cowhide leather. This extends the lifespan. You do not need to grease artificial leather boxing gloves. This material does not absorb oil.

Maintenance for boxing bandages or inner gloves

If you regularly follow boxing training, you also know how important it is to wear bandages or inner gloves. Not only to protect your hands and wrists, but also to absorb sweat and moisture. This prevents this moisture from being absorbed by the lining of your boxing gloves. You also need to maintain bandages.

But how do you do this the right way? Inner gloves or boxing bandages made of stretch cotton have a high absorbency. So you want to be able to wash them every time after training. It is best to do this in cold water. You can soak them if necessary. Rinse the bandages with clean, cold water. Preferably do not use chemical detergents. You can optionally choose an organic product that does not affect the cotton bandages. Always air dry your bandages and certainly do not put them in the dryer. This prevents the bandages from shrinking and wrinkling. Bandaging your hands and wrists becomes a lot more difficult due to the folds that have formed. In addition, the folds can cause annoying pressure or chafing on your skin.