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Why is kickboxing a good sport for women?

Why is kickboxing a good sport for women?

Why is kickboxing a good sport for women and what benefits does it have? Kickboxing is no longer just a sport for men. More and more women regularly follow kickboxing training or even do it professionally. Not without reason, because kickboxing provides you with many benefits.

Kickboxing increases your self-confidence, positively influences the development of your muscles and improves overall body health. Kickboxing is a cardiovascular workout that helps with weight loss. Kickboxing is therefore also a good sport for women who want to lose weight. What other benefits does kickboxing have for women?

What are the benefits of kickboxing for women?

1. Kickboxing is a full-body workout for women

Kickboxing is a full-body workout for women. On average, you can burn 600 to 900 calories per workout. Kickboxing trains the entire body. It gives women the opportunity to strengthen and strengthen their body. In addition, you can reduce fat in places where it is necessary. Such as around the abdomen.

2. Kickboxing as self-defense

Kickboxing is also a good sport for women because it contributes to self-defense. During training, attention is paid to various self-defense techniques. Such as kicking and punching and estimating the correct distance.

Most kickboxing techniques are taught on punching bags, pads and on each other. Boxing is therefore also an excellent way to take your self-defense and self-confidence to a higher level.

3. Stress relief

Kickboxing is also a sport that contributes to your mental health. A kickboxing training requires physical effort so that you can clear your head. This sport is therefore an excellent way to release the tension in your body. You have to concentrate on the movements you make. This allows you to clear your head and eliminate stress. During kickboxing, your body also produces dopamine and endorphins. This will calm you down!

4. More self-confidence

Boxing is also a great sport for women because it gives you a good dose of self-confidence. You get to know your body better and what you are capable of as you improve during training. Pushing your personal boundaries is part of that. This ensures that you gain a lot more confidence in your abilities.

5. Lose body weight

Kickboxing also offers many benefits for women if you want to lose excess body weight. During training you not only work on improving your strength, but also on your fitness. This together ensures that you can burn calories quickly. Especially when you pay attention to what you eat after training. Kickboxing is therefore a very good sport for women who want to lose weight or reach their target weight.

What equipment do you need as a woman if you want to start boxing?

Good protective clothing is important if you want to start kickboxing. This applies not only to women, but of course also to men. First of all, boxing gloves and shin guards are important. They offer your hands and shins the protection they need. You can choose boxing gloves and shin guards made of synthetic material or real leather.

In addition, kickboxing gloves ensure that your punches are more accurate and powerful. You can also opt for bandages to protect your knuckles during sparring or kickboxing.

You move a lot during kickboxing. Not only with your upper body, but also with your legs. Well-fitting sportswear for women is therefore important. Preferably do not wear loose clothing, but choose an outfit that gives you the freedom to move. Of course you do not wear jewelry or chains during a kickboxing training.