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The 7 benefits of bag training.

What is bag training?

A punching bag training is a perfect way to work on your fitness, burn fat and build muscle. During a bag training you spend 1 hour intensively performing various kick and punch combinations against the punching bag. Punching bag training is good for both professional and novice kickboxers. For novice kickboxers, bag training is perfect to learn how to give good punches and kicks without physical contact. For professional kickboxers, bag training is good to improve his/her fitness and techniques.

What do you need for punching bag training?

If you want to follow a punching bag training, it is important that you wear comfortable clothing that you can sweat in. You can wear kickboxing shorts with a sports shirt for this. If you are going to take punching bag training for the first time, it is recommended to wear shin guards. This is because your shins are not yet used to kicking the punching bag. After a number of training sessions you can kick the punching bag without shin guards. It is very important to wear bandages during every boxing training. Why you should wear bandages while boxing is explained in this article . Of course you also need boxing gloves. There are different types of boxing gloves. There are bag gloves and traditional boxing gloves. We recommend that you use bag gloves, because these gloves are easier to put on and take off and these gloves are also lighter than traditional boxing gloves. Here you can buy the best bag gloves.

1. Condition

A punching bag workout is a good cardio workout. This is because you are training at a high pace with short breaks. During punching bag training, the rest time is shorter than the time you are active. It can be difficult to keep up the pace at first. This is because your body still has to get used to the combination of strength mixed with fitness. Your body needs a number of training sessions to get used to this. The big advantage of punching bag training is that you can follow the training at your own pace. This will help you build up your fitness. This makes punching bag training a good training to work on your fitness.

2. Stress relief

Unfortunately, stress is a big problem. During bag training your body produces different hormones. Some of these hormones are serotonin, endorphins and dopamine, which ensure that you lower stress hormones and that you experience less stress. This way you can literally and figuratively knock the stress out of your body during a punching bag training.

3. Power

A bag training consists of various exercises. You learn how to give different types of punches and kicks and sometimes you also do a number of strength exercises. When you punch and kick, you use a combination of all kinds of muscles. When giving punches, you use a combination of your shoulder muscles, abdominal muscles, thighs, and your arms. And when you kick, you use a combination of your abdominal muscles, upper legs and lower legs. Because you often alternate punches with kicks during bag training, this is a good full-body workout. After your first few training classes, you are guaranteed to experience muscle soreness.

4. No physical contact

Bag training is ideal for someone who would like to practice kickboxing, but doesn't want to spar or get bruises. With a bag training you spend the entire lesson punching and kicking the punching bag or doing strength exercises on the mat. This means you don't physically touch anyone else and you don't get any blue marks, but you are still busy with kickboxing.

5. Improving your technique

A punching bag training is ideal for improving your kickboxing techniques. For novice kickboxers, the best training is to become acquainted with the different punches and kicks of kickboxing. This way you can learn kickboxing techniques at your own pace under supervision. For an advanced and professional kickboxer, bag training is also very important. They can improve their technique, strength and fitness here.

6. Improving coordination and stability

Good kickboxing coordination helps you save strength and energy when delivering effective punches and kicks. Good coordination allows you to keep your body better balanced, react faster and make difficult movements better. This is very important in kickboxing, because you make many different and difficult kicks and punches.

7. Good for losing weight

During bag training you are constantly moving, making it ideal for losing weight. A punching bag training is a good combination of strength and fitness. During an hour of bag training you can burn between 450 and 750 calories