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Start kickboxing in 5 easy steps

What is the best way to start kickboxing?

What is the best way to start kickboxing or boxing? What preparations do you need to take into account? What equipment do you need for kickboxing and how can you continually improve your performance during training?

More and more women and men are starting to take kickboxing classes. Not surprising, because this sport offers many physical and mental health benefits. In addition, kickboxing under the guidance of a trainer is of course also very fun to do.

Starting kickboxing can be quite exciting. You not only have to find the right gym or instructor, but also think about your equipment. Do you want to start kickboxing? The best way to do this is by following the steps below.

Start kickboxing in 5 easy steps

1. Make a plan for yourself

If you want to start kickboxing seriously, you need a plan. In this plan you determine, for example, what your goals are. Do you want to start kickboxing to lose weight, improve your fitness or do you want to eventually participate in competitions? In your plan you also include your current fitness level. This way the coach knows exactly which group you can be placed in. This means you always train at your own level.

2. Choose a kickboxing school that suits you

Choose a trainer or a kickboxing school that suits your level. Kickboxing classes vary in level and skills. From both the boxers themselves and the trainer. For example, you can take kickboxing classes that focus on cardio, or opt for boxing training that focuses on movements or competitions. So preferably take trial lessons at different gyms and boxing trainers. Tailor your choice to your personal goals and plans.

3. Buy good kickboxing equipment

If you want to start kickboxing you also need good clothing. This equipment provides the right protection, but also ensures that you protect your body and opponent. For example, boxing gloves and bandages are important, but also good shin guards . In any case, choose high-quality boxing gloves.

This is perhaps the most important type of equipment you need if you want to start kickboxing. If you maintain leather gloves properly, they will last a very long time. So a good investment.

4. Start with a nutrition plan for optimal performance

If you want to start kickboxing, it is also wise to adjust your diet. You eat at set times before and after kickboxing training. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats in particular are important nutrients. Kickboxing burns a lot of calories. It is therefore important that you consume enough fuel. Your body must also be able to recover after training. This is preferably done by adhering to an adjusted diet.

5. Just start!

 Kickboxing may be an intimidating sport, but starting boxing is easier than you think. Take trial lessons at different gyms and coaches, learn from others or attend a few training sessions. You will see how accessible this sport actually is. The more experienced kickboxers or trainers are not there to judge you on what you can or cannot do. They see it as a challenge to share their knowledge with you and in this way make you even more enthusiastic about kickboxing.

Of course, you do not have to immediately purchase complete kickboxing equipment. Sometimes you can also first borrow boxing gloves or bandages from the gym you choose. If you want to take your performance to a higher level later or if you have fallen in love with the sport, it is important to wear well-fitting kickboxing gear.