Waarom is het dragen van bandages zo belangrijk tijdens (kick) bokstrainingen? - kofighters

Why is wearing bandages so important during (kick) boxing training?

Why is wearing bandages so important during (kick) boxing training?

It is important to wear good bandages during (kick) boxing training. But why is that so? What function do bandages or bandages have and do they also provide protection? In short, why is wearing bandages during (kick) boxing training important?

The function of bandages during (kick) boxing

Bandages are wraps that you wear under your boxing gloves. You wrap them around your hands and wrists. Bandages have different functions when you wear them during (kick) boxing training. They offer good protection and a strong impact, but also ensure optimal sweat absorption. This benefits the lifespan of your gloves.

1. Protection

You primarily wear bandages to protect your hands and wrists. They support the vulnerable joints of your hands. Such as your metatarsals, but also your knuckles. This way you prevent dislocations and annoying injuries during your training.

2. Sweat absorption

Bandages or bandages also have an absorbent effect. If you wear bandages during (kick) boxing training, you will be much less bothered by sweat and moisture formation. Your grip remains firmer and the boxing gloves stay drier. This prevents unpleasant odors, but also ensures that your boxing gloves last much longer.

3. Optimal fit

Bandages on your hands and wrists during (kick)boxing also improve the fit. The space between your hands and the boxing gloves is filled. With bandages you can punch more compactly and benefit from an optimal fit without painful friction.

The benefits of bandages under boxing gloves

  • Protects the joints of the hands
  • Supports and strengthens the wrists and thumbs
  • Prevents injuries
  • Shock-absorbing effect
  • Optimal fit
  • Absorbs sweat and prevents unpleasant odors
  • The boxing gloves last longer

What are the best bandages for boxing training?

Wraps or bandages for (kick) boxing training are made from different types of materials. Cotton elastic bandages are the best choice. Due to the elasticity, these boxing bandages can mold perfectly to your hands and wrists.

This ensures optimal protection and wearing comfort. A bandage that you wear under boxing gloves often has a length that varies from 350 to 500 centimeters. Long boxing bandages made of premium cotton stretch are the most commonly used bandages for boxing. The length allows the hands and wrists to be optimally fixed during training.

What is the best way to put on boxing bandages for boxing training?

A bandage that is too loose around your hands and wrists does not provide protection, but bandages that are too tight do not feel comfortable. How do you put on bandages correctly for boxing training? What should you pay attention to and what useful methods are there? Putting on boxing bandages is not difficult, but it does require some skill and practice.

How do I know if the bandages fit properly on my hands and wrists?

It is important that the bandages you wear during (kick) boxing training feel comfortable. This means that you will not suffer from tingling fingers or hands that turn white. In that case, you have bandaged your hands and wrists too tightly. Make sure that the distribution of the bandages is proportional. Of course you can provide the wrists or hands with some extra fixation if you wish. The less bandage you use in one place, the more flexible you can use your hands during (kick) boxing training. Wrap your hands tighter or looser if, for example, you want to train on specific (kick) boxing exercises.