What should I pay attention to when buying kickboxing shin guards?

Kickboxing is an intensive sport that demands a lot from your body, especially your legs. Good shin guards are therefore indispensable. But what exactly should you pay attention to when buying kickboxing shin guards? In this blog we give you some important tips so that you can make the best choice. Don't forget to also take a look at KO Fighters shin guards for high-quality and reliable protection.

1. Material

The material of the shin guards is one of the most important aspects to consider. Shin guards are usually made of leather or synthetic materials.

  • Leather : Leather is durable, provides excellent protection and adapts well to the shape of your leg. However, it can be more expensive and requires more maintenance.
  • Synthetic materials : These are often lighter and cheaper than leather, but can be slightly less durable. However, they are easier to maintain and dry faster.

2. Size and Fit

It is crucial that your shin guards fit properly. They should be tight enough not to shift during exercise, but not so tight that they are uncomfortable or restrict your circulation. Use our size chart to choose the right size:

  • S (Small) : 150-165 cm
  • M (Medium) : 165-175 cm
  • L (Large) : 175-185 cm
  • XL (Extra Large) : 185+ cm

If possible, try out the shin guards to see if they are comfortable and provide sufficient protection.

3. Protection and Cushioning

Shin guards must provide sufficient cushioning to absorb the impact of stairs. Look at the thickness of the foam and the way it is distributed over the shin guard. Good shin guards have multiple layers of foam that better distribute and absorb the impact.

4. Fastening system

The mounting system is important to ensure that the shin guards stay in place. Most shin guards have Velcro closures or elastic bands. Velcro closures often offer better adjustment and security, while elastic bands are quicker and easier to put on.

5. Weight and Range of Movement

Shin guards should be light enough not to hinder your workout, but heavy enough to provide adequate protection. Try to find a balance between protection and freedom of movement. Lighter shin guards are ideal for speed and agility, while heavier guards are more suitable for intense sparring sessions.

6. Ventilation and Comfort

Kickboxing can be quite sweaty, so it's important that your shin guards provide good ventilation. Some models have breathable materials or vents that help keep your legs cool and dry.

7. Value for money

Although it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, it is important to invest in quality. Cheaper shin guards may be less durable and provide less protection. Look at the price-quality ratio and choose a product that offers good protection without being too expensive.


When buying kickboxing shin guards, there are several factors you should take into account: material, size and fit, protection and cushioning, attachment system, weight and freedom of movement, ventilation and comfort, and value for money. By considering these aspects, you can choose the best shin guards to suit your needs.

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