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What is the difference between leather and artificial leather boxing gloves?

What is the difference between real leather boxing gloves and artificial leather boxing gloves? And which material is best to choose when you start boxing or kickboxing? Your boxing gloves are perhaps the most important item of equipment.

Naturally, you want to be able to properly protect the hands you use when boxing. After all, it is better to prevent injuries than to cure them. But which boxing gloves are best to wear and when? What is the difference between leather and artificial leather boxing gloves?

The differences between boxing gloves made of leather and artificial leather

If you want to start boxing training, you need good equipment. Boxing gloves are the most important. You can choose from boxing gloves made of various materials. Such as leather or artificial leather boxing gloves. What is the difference?

Faux leather boxing gloves

Faux leather boxing gloves are relatively cheap, but also have a short lifespan. Especially if you box regularly. Because artificial leather is a synthetic material, it cannot mold to the contours of your hand. The fit leaves much to be desired.

In addition, the material is fragile. Faux leather boxing gloves also tear faster than boxing gloves made of real high-quality leather. They are a good choice for children and beginners who are just getting introduced to the sport. Do you box more often and do you attach great importance to a comfortable fit and good protection? Then choose leather boxing gloves.

The benefits of artificial leather boxing gloves

  • Affordable to purchase
  • Doesn't mold to your hand
  • Tears faster
  • Shorter lifespan
  • Little maintenance required

Leather boxing gloves

Leather boxing gloves have a long lifespan, are more comfortable and, above all, give you a better feeling. Boxing gloves made of high-quality leather have a long lifespan. Although they are slightly more expensive to purchase, they are a good investment in the long term because they last longer. Leather boxing gloves do require maintenance. You do this to prevent it from drying out and cracking. Greasing it once a month with leather oil is sufficient. Leather boxing gloves mold to your hands as you wear and use them for longer periods of time. This ensures good protection and optimal wearing comfort.

The benefits of leather boxing gloves

  • Slightly more expensive to purchase
  • Follows the contours of your hand
  • Fewer cracks due to maintenance
  • Long lifespan
  • Once a month with leather grease

Should you choose boxing gloves made of artificial leather or cowhide?

You now know the difference between artificial leather boxing gloves and boxing gloves made of high-quality leather . But which boxing gloves are suitable for your situation? Maybe you have just started boxing or you have planned your child's first trial lesson. It may also be that you are already more familiar with the world of boxing or regularly follow (kick)boxing training. In short, when do you choose artificial leather boxing gloves and in what situation is it better to choose boxing gloves made of high-quality leather?

When to use artificial leather gloves for kickboxing?

Purchasing artificial leather boxing gloves can be an option for young children. For example, when they have just started boxing and do not train more than twice a week. Especially if they are not yet sure whether they want to continue with the sport.

They are relatively cheap to purchase, but they also last less long. Faux leather boxing gloves offer less protection for the hands, but the strength with which children box is not yet that great. The fit is also not optimal.

Men and women who start boxing can also opt for artificial leather boxing gloves. Provided that the frequency of the training does not exceed twice a week. Wear bandages if you choose artificial leather boxing gloves. Faux leather boxing gloves do not breathe. A bandage absorbs sweat and prevents odors.

When to use real leather boxing gloves?

If you train or box more than twice a week, artificial leather boxing gloves no longer meet the requirements. You become stronger with every training. This also means that the boxing glove must be able to offer your hands more protection and comfort. You can wear leather boxing gloves in combination with inner gloves or bandages. This means you are always assured of good fixation.